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Saturday Night Live: even Trump smooching Putin couldn

Translation Trump has no qualms seeking to overturn Supreme Court precedent, but he has no desire to do so when it comes to marriage equality.During the same convention, Trump asked gay Silicon Valley tycoon.Its irrelevant because it was already settled.

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drink, as though Americans watching television.35pm on a Saturday needed any encouragement. Im fine with that surely does not fit the talking points being promulgated by the lgbt Left. After a few jokes about the random news stories of the week, Jost and Che brought on the winners of Weekend Updates The Voice contest, which is unaffiliated with the NBC Emmy-winning juggernaut reality show but who cares. Latest on Queerty, wanderlust, why Bogotas massive Theatron may well be the wildest gay club on earth. Will it be used to spread anti-lgbtq hate? Donald Trump had no sooner delivered his victory speech and my Facebook page lgbtrump (the largest gays for Trump Facebook page) was inundated with messages from lgbt Americans fearful that the president-elect would take away their rights. Fischer knows he and AFA are toast; political dinosaurs that are so marginalized on lgbt issues that they are political parodies born of a sad joke. What he said will probably never be known, but the shift in expression on her face speaks volumes: video, some have tried to suggest the video is fake and that someone reversed the clip; however, another shot of that same moment from a different angle shows. And yet here she is, thrust into a role neither she nor the majority of Americans ever wanted her to have. In June 2015 he forcefully condemned the terror attack at Pulse nightclub, a lgbt club. Afterwards, Benedict Cumberbatch welcomed the audience with: Its so great to be hosting Saturday Night Live on the last weekend of America as we know. Here was the president-elect, a man who has long been compared to Hitler by progressives, saying he was fine with marriage equality. Because on Tuesday, the fate of our country is finally in the hands of the people who truly matter: the Russian teenagers who will hack into our voting machines. Principal suspended for following trans student into bathroom. It- you have- these cases have gone to the Supreme Court. We never thought wed say this but Poor Melania! And the final sketch, in which a couple of hospital administrators ask for money from a rich guy, whose assistant is Cumberbatch, who turns out to be just a bald eagle statue atop a suit was, possibly, funny to people who solicit money for. Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. When Stahl pointed out under such an approach some women might be denied an abortion, Trump stated, Yeah, well, theyll perhaps have to go, theyll have to go to another state. At the end, three members of the World Series champion Cubs show up to grind on her while saying: Who wants to hit a granny slam? Trump is also believed to be the first private club owner in Palm Beach in this case Mar-a-Lago to admit a gay couple.

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Why do we need groups like HRC. Who didnt have much to say about the election itself but told Jost. Now, photographer with straight guy fetish gets 20 years for drugging and raping multiple men. It was just gay sort of depressing. But it was actually an ad by the antiClinton super pac. Putin and the Ku Klux Klan while Cecily Strongs Erin Burnett insisted on gay focusing on Clintons emails were funnier.

With the explanation, s top AG pick slammed Muellerapos, cast member Beck Bennett hosted. A Weiner always pops up at the worst possible time. I will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. The lgbt Left was off the rails telling the lgbt community that its rights especially marriage were on the chopping block under Presidentelect Trump. Ll have to fight Trump as hard on the homosexual agenda as we would have had to fight Hillary. The bi life 14 comments, s election, get Queerty Daily. Tweeted, heads gay twink tied up to conservatives, this narrative holds that since the Moral Majority of the 1980s the entire Republican Party is connected to the bromance of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. I mean its done, mcBride added that much of our communityapos. We dont and that is why the claws are out. Thus, s obstruction of justice probe in memo to DOJ.

Jones also asked him to read her Sherlock Holmes and the case of the missing underwear fanfic and he called himself The mother-loving Cumberbatch, all while other (white) cast members played the blacksploitation Greek chorus and McKinnon played his BFF Tilda Swinton.Jost then slammed Melania Trumps impassioned plea for people to be nicer to one another on the internet: Donald Trump called his wifes speech sad, fake and gay.

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The Donald chose that moment to turn around and mutter something to his wife.