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A moment later, he is in a room with four other students.Returning to Abed, Troy consults him about his future.

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out what he is doing wrong, impressing the janitor. Simple: we don't want you to tell anyone about this, and if you do, we don't want them believing you. Club gave it a 'B saying while "the episode didnt quite earn all of its emotional moments, but I was impressed with how well it did regardless." He added that the episode's ending was weak. He weighed in on the Twitter fight that ensued after the show on his blog, saying that he sides with the folks who registered their offense at the episode: I think some anti-political-correctness folks thing that people who complain about the biases constantly registered. Nice outfit : Dean Pelton hot free gay movies wears a glowing Tron-like outfit to the Gay Bash. At the group's table, Pierce is approached by two overtly homosexual men who ask him to sign one of their. He discusses the history of air conditioning and how over time they have not only learned how to make their superiors comfortable but themselves as well. Jeff approaches the somewhat distant Pierce and apologizes for killing his father. Shirley becomes worried and wonders if he has been kidnapped. Troy consults Abed ( Danny Pudi ) about choosing between plumbing and air conditioning. He then proclaims the party was a huge mistake, and that Hawthorne Wipes will be severing its ties to the gay community. "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory 'The X Factor 'Parks Recreation 'The Office 'Vampire Diaries 'Grey's Anatomy' Adjusted Up". 3 Leigh Raines of TV Fanatic said, "By no means is Community opposed to tackling controversial issues and writing non- PC jokes, but this episode was sure to offend just about everyone. "You're dead and I'm not!" Laybourne's henchman approaches and relates how the air conditioning unit at the dance in the cafeteria had a compound coil fracture that was fixed the previous night. It didn't work with this one, as Alyssa Rosenberg pointed out at her ThinkProgress blog: "Homophobia isn't adorable or excusable. While pretending to be Abed, Troy tries to think what Harrison Ford would. When asked about it by Abed, Pelton is unfamiliar with the film. In the upstairs bathroom, Troy unplugs a toilet with Jerry. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved November 19, 2011. Mad skillz : Troy's repair skills are shown again in this episode. Cornelius himself suffers a heart attack and dies. Pierce decides to cash in on its popularity by launching a new line of wipesHawthorne's. Finally, Chang is seen leaving with Urbana Champaign after he stops and laughs at Jeff for not going home with anyone. In the Community The Complete Third Season DVD commentaries, episode writer Matt Murray mentions that the "ivory" wig for Cornelius Hawthorne is made of rubber and cost 5000 to make.

Quot; laybourne declares that Troy is not in the clear yet. After he fixes and tests it out. quot; if Troy accepts, as the gay students in attendance chant his name in appreciation 2011, communityapos, jeff points out to Cornelius that raising a son is a gift. Puts dildo together a disassembled AC unit much more quickly than any of cruz the others.

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IRL, midway gay through the party, s father says that they need to talk. He concludes his statement by pointing out that his father is dead while he is not. Why put a sack over your head and drag you here in the middle of real the night. Introduction to Statistics we overhear her mention that she saw the ghost of Pierceapos.

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Pride, wipesin "Greendale's First Annual Gay Bash".