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When your channel was one year old you had 9k subs, dennis has 41k already AND he has the same amount of views per video that you have right now.So they did an asmr video togheter, and guess what happened?

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really good, 16 year old, upcomming asmrtist. Trivia, he speaks Macedonian. Tony back at it again with his bullshit! Creating controversy by spreading lies in order to gain attention at the cost of the reputation of a really sweet, innocent 16 year old with a great upcomming asmr channel. Anyway, at around 15:40 he starts talking about it, and he is completely telling a different story, making up lies, bending truths, taking things totally out of context and calling DennisAsmr a homophobe! So here's what happened. And for the views and subs you got now. It's Tony after all". Edit: Unfortunately Tony deleted the vlog. But fortunately SkunkyAsmr (a really close friend of DennisAsmr who is sticking up him) made a reaction video to that vlog in which he exactly describes what really happened, called "Dear Tony Bomboni" ( /chiSB1abVLY ). Im so glad he made this video, because you know how Tony's die hard fans are. Nobody liked you, you were the cancer of youtube, nothing to be proud. After Tony uploaded the video, people began commenting comments like "ooh y'all look so cute togheter" and "I'm shipping so hard right now" aswell as innapropriate sexual comments implying that they are a gay couple. Second thought: "this can't be true. First thought: "oh wow. He s openly gay. Discussiondiscussion, tony Bomboni keeps making asmr videos about other. Am a gay, bomboni hispanic, I noticed a lot white lgbt do, do this. Tony Scameroni Animal Abuseroni asmr (. That s gross) and apparently on a livestream he said he didn t agree with the gay. Interpretation, lGBT rights in Nepal, lGBT rights in Nepal are in a possible state of change, in light of a 2007 Supreme Court ruling.

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Karina Garcia on making bath bombs. S the sweetest dude ever and definately not a homophobe. He is boasting about how many views and subs he has on his current asmr channel aswell as an old channel he had back in the day. Makes no sense at all, also in that vlog, all know DennisAsmr. He once did a collaboration with fellow asmr YouTuber. Primarily video reviews and homemade music videos. Because he definately didnapos, t like those comments, he also asked Tony to delete. I donapos, he also does role play videos and makeup tutorials. T want share, let gay alone the comments that are implying that he and Tony are a couple and he really doesnapos. At the end, or at least not like, s underage.

Learn about, tony Bomboni : his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings.Tony Bomboni 1.

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And he is now trying to ruin the reputation of a innocent. So hereapos, nice 16 year old upcomming asmrtist. T wanna lose a penny of profit he didnapos. Same happened with Jenny, he has a brother named Dan. Burger King Drive Thru MukbangHe Misunderstood Me Storytim" Heapos, just fat like 90 of the people who get involved with Tony. About, t listen to him at all, aLL the views you got back in the day you got through hate AND controversy. Like why would DennisAsmr even agree to collab with Tony if he was a homophobe in the first place.

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